Meet This Week’s Sponsor: Threadless

This week, Nerdist Industries is being brought to you by Threadless!

Wow. That was almost, you know, professional and stuff.

Yes, this week, we have a sponsor, the support of which will help keep the Nerdist empire going and growing. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Threadless describes itself as “a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you,” and, well, yes, that’s what it is, but it’s more than that. The idea is that the site is a community of over a million members, including artists and designers, and the members can propose ideas for t-shirt designs. Then they vote on which ones will become actual t-shirts for sale, and the ones that make it win some money for the creators, too. Call it crowdsourced clothing.

And if you’re a Nerdist-type person, you’re going to like these shirts.

What’s your nerd specialty? There’s a shirt for that.  Movies, comedy, RPG, tech, you name it, there’s probably a Threadless design for you to fly your nerd flag high. “Kraken Snackin'”? “Zombie at Tiffany’s”? “Cute Animals Smoking Cigarettes”? “Ambition Killed the Cat”? These are not the kind of designs you’ll find at the mall.

Oh, and there’s more: Forums for you to discuss pretty much anything with like-minded nerds, for example, or the ability to post your own design ideas in the ongoing t-shirt competition for a chance to win $2,000 in cash and $500 in a Threadless gift certificate (also redeemable for $200 cash) if your design is chosen, plus an additional $500 in cash every time it’s reprinted.  It’s not just a shopping site.

But you can shop right now if you want. Threadless has t-shirts in a LOT of categories, including, among others, ComicsGamingBooksMusic, Movies, Robots, and, of course, Zombies. Too specific for you, huh? Then how about CreativityIrony, the general concept of Nerdy, or Funny? And if none of that is quite on point, just go see the rest of the catalog; there’s something there for you. And if all you want to do is talk to other nerds, geeks, artists, and fringies like us, there’s always the blog forum.  Anything else?  Yeah, before I forget, you can submit designs to the competition right at this link.

Go check it out, and buy something. Or stop by their retail store at 3011 N. Broadway Street in Chicago and tell ‘em Nerdist said hi and thanks for the support.

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