Christopher Coleman Has BFFs!!!

Christopher Coleman’s BFF in Boston Contest Winners Announced by Mr. Coleman himself!!!

A month or so ago, a delightful young scamp named Chris Coleman emailed me with a proposition: he wished to make the journey from San Diego to Boston to watch me tell jokey jokes at the Wilbur Theatre on April 9th. Problem was, he didn’t know anyone there. He decided that the best course of action would be to Nerdsource some chowder-slurping friends on the East Coast, and I supported this 100%.

He set up a thread on the Nerdist Facebook page and laid down a simple rule–> convince him why he should give you his extra tickets and be his Boston BFF. We blogged it here. We blabbed it on the podcast. Lo and behold, the response was terrific. A couple of things make this incredibly special to me: 1) that a dude would care enough to fly across country to catch my show, 2) that he would concoct such a wonderful contest that would, 3) actually yield him some cool new pals. This is an example of the Internet working for GOOD. People SHOULD be coming together for fun reasons to make stuff and share ideas. It was the founding principle behind the Node (still in development).

Add that to the fact that another Nerdist Podcast listener, Shane Robinson, bought four tix to give away to people simply to help support us (he lives in Oahu) and you have the makings for a neverending hug. I would also like to point out that I think this video is both charming and hilarious. Like, to the point that I think Chris should make more videos for the site just for the heck of it. Thank you a billion jillion times to Chris, Shane and everyone who involved themselves! I didn’t know these dudes before all of this happened and now I consider them friends. This means more to me that I can possibly express, and I can’t wait to see you all in Boston! (pre-show tweet-up at Anna’s Taqueria, anyone??)

You can follow Christopher Coleman on Twitter @dogon2112 and Shane Robinson @shane.

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