Carlin Step

THIS IS YOUR NEW MASTER. There’s no way Carlin wouldn’t have loved this. This goes in my “favorite video remix” book that I keep under my pillow, along with Symphony of Science’s “A Glorious Dawn” featuring Carl Sagan.

Remixed by Steve Porter and Eli Wilkie, who have made it available at Porterhouse Media.

via Urlesque

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  • Didn’t take you for a dubstep guy, Chris. Props. If there’s any genre that fits this man, that’s the one. Gritty, in-your-face, and way to heavy with way too much going on at once for most people.

    RIP Carlin? Hell naw. Long live Carlin.

  • Bawwww I miss him. Why’d you have to go and make my soul all hurty Chris?

    Carlin was my favorite comedian growing up until I found Mitch Hedberg. Used to watch his HBO specials even when I was far too young to watch them. about 9.

    He may very well be the reason I’m a horrible prick to this day.

    Great video, but it just reminds me that my two favorites are gone. Guess it’s up to you to step up and start knocking out some hour specials.

    Thanks asshole. Good luck and always a pleasure.

  • Gotta agree with – well, everyone. The genre fits the gentleman, and it’s an excellent but not altogether cheery reminder that Carlin’s “over and out.” He had a way of looking at language and culture that, while some people found tedious, most appreciated as a primer on just how little we really think about the world around us on a day to day level.

    There are a lot of great comedians still doing their stuff – Chris, you’re one of ‘em – but the world sorely needs and misses a George Carlin.

  • This is another great way to experience him, George Carlin was amazing and I read all of his books in Highschool and got into trouble for having them once. I enjoyed most was that he got into his routines a lot to the point that you can see it so much in the way he expressed everything through his facial expressions as well.

  • That was truly stunning! I was sent here by a Retweet from the Reduced Shakespere Company, and being that rare-ish thing in the UK, a Carlin fan who dug him before the Bill & Ted films, I had to take a look. Well done to the mixer, well done to the person who put it here and well done to Mr Carlin who, particularly in these trying times, is desperately missed.

  • That was awesome! Thanks for posting this.

    Growing up with HBO in the 80s/90s, I’d always watch Carlin’s specials when they were on. Same with Steven Wright! They are amazing talents & they were always my favorites.