As If Talking While Chewing Wasn’t Annoying Enough

Would you like your meals to sound like the Doctor Who theme, or maybe “Good Vibrations”? Here’s your chance: Someone’s created forks that double as mini-theremins.

No, really, the EaTheremin, developed by a research group at Ochanomizu University, works like this: You bite your food, and that completes an electrical circuit, producing the theremin-like sound. And the “music” is dferend depending on the kind of food you’re eating, depending on the consistency.

Now, you can’t buy these yet, but they’re already thinking of putting the technology in spoons and cups. Look at it this way: These things might drive you crazy, but at least they’ll cover up the sound of your chewing. You really need to get that under control.

HT: Engadget, DigInfo. And, of course, our thoughts and wishes for safety are with everybody involved with this project over in Japan right now

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