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Windshield Conversions

by on February 10, 2011

After a long day, I slowly dragged my feet to the car and slumped into my seat. I shut the door, buckled up and was about to turn on the ignition when… BAM! I notice an advertisement for “The Rug Spa” stuck to my windshield. I then get back out of my car (which is really more exercise than I care to do) and rip the card from my windshield. Next, I read the card and decide I HATE The Rug Spa for making me get out of my car.

This has happened to me numerous times, as I’m sure it’s happened to you. Usually, it’s for psychics who don’t have the foresight to realize how many people don’t want a card stuck to their window. After all these years I’ve NEVER picked up one of these cards and thought, “Finally! The master clairvoyant I’ve been looking for!” I mean, is this really a conducive means of advertising??

Okay, Nerdist poll: Have any of you ever picked up the phone and called a company that advertised on your windshield?

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