They’re Angry ‘Cause They Have To Watch The Game

You love Angry Birds.  You hate football.  Too bad; you’re going to want to watch the Super Bowl anyway.

Here’s why: We’ve told you about the new Angry Birds Rio game based on the new animated movie Rio, and there’s going to be a commercial for the movie on the Super Bowl telecast.  And in that commercial, reports Ad Age, there’ll be a code.  That code will open a special level in the original Angry Birds game, and when you complete that level, you get the chance to enter a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a trip to Newark, where… no, actually, if you win the sweepstakes, you’ll go to Rio for the movie premiere on March 22nd.  Oh, and they’re making you work for it: You’ll have to watch the commercial back frame-by-frame to get the embedded code.

Or you can wait a few minutes until someone else does the work and posts the code on every gaming website and Twitter.  Your choice.  But if you like to do it yourself, watch the game and get your DVR ready.

HT: Advertising Age

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