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Trashing The Teacher

by on February 2, 2011

Like any normal kid, 15 year-old Donny Tobolski hates his biology teacher. And like everybody these days, he needed to write it on Facebook to feel complete. Well, the school didn’t take too kindly to this, so he got suspended for cyberbullying. Then Tobolski’s mom called the ACLU and they totally bitch-slapped the school for infringing on Tobolski’s freedom of speech. His suspension was revoked and his school record scrubbed clean. Here is Tobolski’s original Facebook post about his teacher:

“a fat ass who should stop eating fast food, and is a douche bag.”

I say bravo, ACLU. This is really not so bad. First of all, his teacher may in fact be a fat ass and no one should really ever eat fast food. Secondly, he probably is a douchebag. Why? Because most high school teachers are douchebags. Yes, there are some wonderful teachers out there, but the majority suck and part of the high school experience entails bitching about how much of a loser your teachers are and that they’d only WISH you would have sex with them (that happened to you too, right?). And if students can’t express themselves socially online, what are they gonna do?

TALK to each other???

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