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No More For The Road

by on February 10, 2011

My actual cassette/CD deck tuned to AM radio. I AM old

Apparently, no car manufacturers offer factory-installed cassette tape players anymore.  Mental Floss says that the last car offered with a tape deck was a 2010 Lexus.  And now, it’s over.

It’s no surprise.  Nobody uses cassettes anymore.  (No, I do not want to hear “I still have a working Sony cassette Walkman and I sometimes….”  Nobody uses cassettes anymore)  I have an older car with a dual cassette/CD player, and I use the cassette slot to connect my iPod or phone, but I haven’t used an actual tape in it since… ever.  It’s over.  No more (literal) mix tapes.  No more “taped it off the radio” collections.  No more disasters when all the tape comes out of the plastic shell.  The tape’s time has come and gone.

Since I tend to listen to either the radio (I’m old) or my iPod (not THAT old), I wouldn’t miss car tape decks.  And we’ve been through this before — when I was a kid, cars came with AM-only radios unless you paid extra for exotic FM, then they had 8-track cartridges, then cassettes, then CDs, and now there are things like Ford Sync.  But if you’re old enough to be of the cassette generation, please observe a moment of silence.  Oh, wait, that’s just the tape coming to the end of the side.  You’ll want to eject it and flip it over for the other side.