Long Live The King

"Oh, please like it. Please like it."

What a night to have terrible insomnia! First Radiohead releases their video for “Lotus Flower” on YouTube. A succulent treat to get us through the grueling Friday until “The King Of Limbs” is released by Radiohead. Better go to bed.

What’s this? Another tweet from Radiohead. Let’s see here. I just gotta put my reading glasses on. RADIOHEAD RELEASED “THE KING OF LIMBS” EARLY! I’M LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW. AT 5:00AM ON FRIDAY THE 18th, NOT SATURDAY THE 19th! Phew.

You can download the album here.

I’ve started a “The King Of Limbs” discussion on Node to discuss the album and your unique experience. I love hearing passionate conversations about first and second reactions. Get on the Node and start sharing.

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