Here’s Your ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer

In case you missed the news, there’s a trailer out now for X-Men: First Class, which hits theaters on June 3rd:

Yes, it’s a whole new source of direct connections for “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Also, it’s a prequel directed by Matthew Vaughn, but you knew that. Anyway, that’s the trailer, if you’re an X-Men fan, or a January Jones fan, or whatever.

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  • Hey at least it looks like they took the time and money to polish the special effects in this film. The blurry and poorly designed special effects were the worst part about Wolverine. It was actually a very good film, but the special effects weren’t anywhere near as good.

  • The worst part about Wolverine was the hacky, dumbed down, born-in-a-marketing-meeting screenplay. Disregarding this franchise’s strange need to chafe fans by changing all the characters’ personalities and motivations, it will be the strength of the script that makes or breaks this one.

  • Weird that Alex (Havoc) is in it and Scott (Cyclops) isn’t considering Scott was the first x-man. But then again franchises don’t seem too concerned with continuity. Look at Emma being older here in the 1960’s when she was a young girl in Origins.
    I actually like that they put Angel in it. Quite obscure but that’s the neat part. They are branching out of the obvious and standard choices. Its too soon to say whether this will be good or bad but the trailer looks pretty cool. There are a lot of little things to excite you here: “Cat Beast”, Magneto’s awesome new helmet, Magneto raising the Leningrad from the ocean, Emma Frost, Azazel and Mystique (bringing in some family history for Nightcrawler), and the potentially done right relationship between Charles and Erik.
    I have hopes that this will be a solid movie.

  • I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time. Once I heard Michael Fassbender was playing Magneto, I couldn’t wait. Plus James McAvoy is good in whatever he does. Hopefully this thrust Fassbender into the mainstream like he deserves and hopefully this does well so they can make more X-Men movies.