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Calling All Node Warriors: San Francisco, Chicago, And Boston

by on February 4, 2011

Not these Warriors. Right area, though.

The standup comedy stylings of televisual funnypants Chris Hardwick will be coming soon to the San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston areas.  You knew that already.  The trick is to get the word out to the rest of society.  And that’s where you come in.

Yes, it’s time to get the Node Warriors together again.  We’ve done this before and it’s turned out to be successful and fun.  Node Warriors — you’ll recall that Chris decided “Street Team” sounded like something a 90s hip hop radio station would have — will be able to download flyers to distribute throughout the community wherever Chris Hardwick fans might congregate, with the goal being to fill each venue with folks who’ll appreciate the Nerdist brand of humor and community.  And Approved Warriors will each get a pair of tickets to the show, too.  As Chris said the first time he put together a promotional team this way, “If you’re bored the next couple of weeks and feel like meeting folks while building a thing, then THIS IS YOUR CALLING.” And so it is.

Is Chris zany? Oh, yes.

Here’s how we’ll do it: Send an e-mail with your full name to [email protected].  Make the subject line “Pick ME In (insert city).”  (Put your choice of city in there.  We know the “I, State Your Name” joke already)  Chris will pick ten people in San Francisco, ten in Chicago, and fifteen in Boston, and those people will get invites to join the Node Warriors (and for the Node if they aren’t members already) and ticket invites.  Others will be able to join the Node Warriors but won’t get tickets, ’cause those are of limited number.  You’ll coordinate with other Warriors through the Node forums, and you’ll be able to download flyers to print and distribute.  And everyone who comes to the shows is eligible for a big hug from Chris at a little meet-up after the show, because that’s the way he rolls.

The show dates are March 2-5 at the Punch Line in San Francisco (click to buy tickets), March 16-19 at Zanies in Chicago (click to buy tickets), and April 9 at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston (click to buy tickets).  Help spread the gospel of Nerdist to your community and have fun doing it.  And the hug is optional, if that would be a problem for you.