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Who Needs Meth When You Have Bath Salts?

by on January 26, 2011

Last week I wrote a post on vodka eyeballing, a really stupid way to get drunk. I figured that would be my only entry on “alternative” methods of getting high. But then I read about the bath salts and I just couldn’t ignore it.

Some really desperate people have resorted to riding the “Ivory Wave” which is snorting, smoking, or injecting bath salts. This means you can take those lavender-scented crystals your girlfriend uses when she’s PMS-ing and get a meth-like high. WTF??

Look, people, stop treating your local Bath & Body Works like a crack-house. If you want to do drugs, then do some drugs! Shooting vodka into your eye or snorting “eucalyptus breeze” is not only pathetic, but a total cop-out. Yeah, you’ll never get arrested tripping off of bath salts, but isn’t the danger element part of the whole allure of getting high to begin with?

All I’m saying is I know the economy sucks, but can you just go back to snorting coke?

Thank you.

UPDATE: Hey nerdists,

Some of you are expressing concern that I am misrepresenting how people get high on bath salts. I never thought I’d ever be at the
center of a debate about something like this (I hope you’re proud, mom & dad!), but here I am. First of all, I am NOT a chemist. I interpreted the Washington Post article as the two chemicals mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone were derived from your mama’s generic bath salts. It was presented this way in other articles when I did more research.

Sorry for the confusion. At the end of the day, I aim to entertain here and not encourage ANYONE to snort name brand bath salts nor back alley bath salts. xo, anjeanette

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