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Vodka Eyeballing

by on January 21, 2011

Russians may make the best vodka, but Americans are proving they can do the most damage with it.

Apparently, there is a new “college craze” called vodka eyeballing where instead of taking shots of vodka in your mouth (you know, like humans do) you take them in your eye. YOUR FUCKING EYE.

These teenage geniuses believe this gets them drunk faster because the alcohol is going straight into their blood vessels. Not surprisingly, opthalmologists disagree. Not only is this retarded (yeah, I’m using the R-word here), but it can cause severe and possible permanent damage. Although if you’re stupid enough to pour vodka in your eyes to begin with, maybe you deserve it.

Ever notice how all of these “teen trends” are with the college-educated kids? This really makes me wonder what the hell the G.E.D. folks might be up to!

Watch the insanity here:

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