The Best At Being Second Best

Barry Koltnow of the Orange County Register has a piece for which the headline says it all: “The 10 Greatest Sidekicks Ever.” His list goes like this:

10. Chewbacca
9. Kato
8. Garth Algar
7. Tattoo
6. Dr. Watson
5. Ethel Mertz
4. Robin
3. Ed Norton
2. Barney Fife
1. Tonto

Now, he’s talking about fictional characters only, and they’re all movie and TV characters. We don’t have to restrict ourselves to those media; Comics, novels, even non-fiction are fair game. Walter Sobchak and Theodore “Donny” Kerabatsos? Robin Quivers? George Costanza? The Tick’s pal Arthur? Boo-Boo? Jonah Ray and Matt Mira? Sarah-Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, or any of the Doctor’s other travel companions? Andy Richter? Pick your favorites in the comments, and ponder whether you’d be content playing second banana. Hey, if the money’s good enough, maybe you don’t have to be the star.

Source: Orange County Register

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