Like Mom Used To Make


Two words that will strike fear… er, no, more like revulsion in your heart:

Human cheese.

Meet Miriam Simun, who created cheese made from breast milk as part of a course at NYU and is continuing her research beyond that.  This interview discusses her inspiration (“So I started thinking – what would be the most natural, local, ethical cheese possible?”) and offers other interesting comments (“I am working to make a delicious Wisconsin human cheddar”).

Okay, I’m about to vomit now.

It’s all, evidently, about sustainability and ethics and an art project as well, and I hope it’s a well-crafted, elaborate joke, but I fear not.  If not, perhaps someday you’ll be sprinkling some nice human Gorgonzola on your salad, or getting your pizza with extra human Mozzarella.  Incidentally, she’s also looking to locally source her ingredients, so women in the New York City area are invited to contribute.  There’s more here and here.

And, might I add, ew.

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