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Doctor Who: Days of Future Past

by on January 17, 2011

IDW Comics artist, and my Twitter friend, Blair Shedd has spent a great deal of his own free time working on this amazing piece of art.  He’s selling the pencil sketches on ebay to get funds to come to L.A. next month for the Gallifrey One convention.  If you win the auction, Blair will include a print of the finished product.  I think it’s just so very awesome.  Here’s a link to Blair’s personal blog for all the info. You can also follow him @onegemini.

UPDATE: Blair has informed me this morning that someone has made a generous offer on the pencil sketch, so there will be no auction on it, but you can still bid on his other sketches and artwork. He is also not, repeat NOT, selling prints of the final product of the image on his site or anywhere else. It was merely a prize given to the highest bidder. Congrats, Blair!

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