Bozo Makes Babies

Congratulations! It's a Bouncing Baby Juggalo!

It’s a study by doctors and everything, so it must be true: Women undergoing in vitro fertilization who are “entertained” by clowns just after being inseminated are more likely to become pregnant than those who are not subjected to clowning.

The specifics: It was a year-long study at a hospital in Israel.  36% of women who saw a 20-minute clowning and magic set got pregnant.  Only 20% of those who didn’t see the routine got pregnant.  The theory is that the clowning reduces stress.  But what about if you’re one of the people who get stressed out by clowns?  Or you find nothing at all amusing about clowns?

I remain highly skeptical, but, then again, I’m not a clown fan.  Maybe standup comedy would work as well.  Insert joke about the pregnancy-inducing properties of various standups here.

Source: CNN

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