What Your Pet Says About Your Career, Other Than ‘Meow’

Hi, I'm Ella the World's Most Famous Cat

Among the things I do at my “day job” is come up with stuff radio hosts can talk about on their shows. I try to stay away from bogus Internet poll “studies,” because they’re, um, bogus. They’re for entertainment purposes only, people! Yet I get a lot of them submitted to me, because they’re easy, cheap, throwaway topics, and when you’re a talk show host or an overworked writer (ahem), easy, cheap, throwaway topics are sometimes just what you want.

Speaking of which, this is one of those articles, from (via CNN): It tries to cross-reference the kind of pets you have and the job you have, and attempts, from that, to find out what your pet says about your career.

Aha, see? It doesn’t matter that it’s just a stupid Internet poll. You want to know the answer, don’t you?

After the jump, buddy, after the jump.

The “poll” said that dog owners are the most likely to be the top bosses, owners of snakes or reptiles are the most to earn six figures, and bird owners are happiest with their jobs.

I own a cat, or, more precisely, a cat (Ella the World’s Most Famous Cat, by name) controls practically every aspect of my life. What does that say about me? It says that I’m likely a doctor, real estate agent, science and medical lab tech, machine operator, or personal caretaker. I’m none of the above. I’m an editor/writer, and, according to this thing, I should own a snake or reptile, which is not going to happen, ever.

Check out the article here and see what you think. What are good pets for nerds like us? What do we have here? Dog people, cat people, ocelot people? Just so you know, they don’t mention Chia Pets in this survey.

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