Weekend Video Special: The Greatest Norwegian Celebrity Lip Syncing Video Ever

Let’s usher in the weekend with, hands down, the strangest celebrity lip syncing video I’ve seen in, well, ever. It’s a video promoting a Norwegian entertainment interview show called “Gylne Tider” and, oh, see it for yourself. And if you can find another video in which Glenn Close, Alberto Tomba (!), and Philip Michael Thomas (!!!), among many others, lip sync a cover of “Let it Be,” by all means, post it. Plus the late Leslie Nielsen’s in it. And Huey Lewis. And Pamela Anderson. And David Faustino. And at least one James Bond, and Rene from “Allo Allo,” and Peter Falk, and Dolph Freakin’ Lundgren. And a hypnotist.


HT Sean Thomason (@TheThomason)

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