The New Guy

Me, August 1965

So, well, um, y’see, here’s the thing.  Chris Hardwick is a busy man, what with multiple projects and international celebrity and all that.  And he decided he could use an extra hand around these parts for a while to make sure everything runs smoothly and…

NO!  Stop crying!  He’s still here!  I’m not replacing your daddy!  He’s just going to be sleeping in the spare room for a while and… no, that’s not the right analogy, either.

It’s really just that Chris has a lot to do in the coming months and asked me, a friend and colleague from radio days, to step in when he can’t be everywhere he needs to be at any time, like when his TARDIS is in the shop.  So here I am.  My name is Perry Michael Simon — yes, I use three names, just like an assassination suspect, but there’s a good reason for it, and, yes, I know what my initials are — and I’ll be your Guest Editor or Emergency Backup Nerdist or whatever you want to call it that works for you.  We never really resolved that part.  I’m a writer, a radio guy, and News-Talk-Sports editor at, the radio and music industry trade website.  Nice to meet you.

And what you’ll see here is the same Nerdism you’ve come to expect.  Chris will continue to post his wisdom, our resident Nerdists will do what they do, and I’ll be posting stuff as well, from which you’ll learn a little more about me than you’ll probably want to know.  You can reach me at if you’re so inclined.

Yeah, that’s me in the picture, in August 1965.  I haven’t changed much.

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