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Snow Problem, Really

by on December 8, 2010

The cool thing here — cold, very cold, actually — is at about the 25 second market of this BBC video of the coldest inhabited place on Earth:

The rest of the story, in the video and in print, is about why people would live in the Oymyakon District of Siberia, where the temperature can drop to -60C. The answer, unsurprisingly, involves money, specifically the coal and gold mines, which offer plenty of jobs to those who can stand living where you can’t go outside without bundling up in many layers. The sidebar is about another place where there’s extreme heat. I suggest you not visit the two places in succession.

But that thing where you throw the water in the air and it turns to snow is a neat trick. You can’t do that just anywhere.

HT: T.D. Mischke, WCCO/Minneapolis