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Sex Toy Science: The Principle of Non-Porosity

[Fair Warning: NSFW links]

Everyday, I talk to people about the spectrum of materials available for their heavenly pleasures. But not all toy materials are heaven-sent. Some are downright holey. [Cue cheese]

Right now, my desk is littered with some of the best the sex toy industry has to offer. As I type, my elbow nudges a soft curved doohickey and it rocks against the hardwood table. Thump.

Ah, the sound of a good quality polymer.

There’s something beautiful about a thing well made, and a dildo is no exception. In fact, it’s not just a thing of beauty for its pretty color or pleasure-divining capabilities. The health factor of a toy made of non-porous material is worth its weight in gold.

So, in the name of a new year and a resolution towards health, I give you a little show-and-tell, if you will, on the benefits of sex toy non-porosity.

Happy New Year!!!


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