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Death Rattle

by on December 1, 2010

I bitch about my job sometimes. We all do. Life can get you down. Venting to friends, family, compatriots and confidants can help.

You know what else helps? Perspective. Mugger-floopin’ perspective.

With the possible exceptions of Lite Jazz and the tortured screams of dying unicorns, the nightmarish crescendo of whirring rattles heard in this video is perhaps the best example I’ve ever come across of the Soundtrack To A Poorly Chosen Career.

I mean, c’mon; take some night school classes and pursue a dream of yours that doesn’t involve death by angry snake swarms in the cold and spooky darkness.

Or, y’know, keep wrangling ornery venom-serpents for giggles and making Blair Witch accounts of your travails…y’crazyass darkness-plumbin’, headlamp-wearin’ Demon Hunter/walking adrenal gland of a person.

To each their own.

‘I can’t feel my legs. Think I peed myself a little. Need a bigger bucket’

Crow-Eating Editor’s Note: Glib internet tomfoolery aside, the creator of this video is…well…he’s kind of an A-1 Badass. Saving snakes and taking names. For more information, be sure to check out his site.