Doug Benson Has a Show…THE INTERRUPTION!

FOR YEARS Doug has been doing this terrific live comedy show at M Bar, UCB and Largo in Los Angeles. Basically Doug would invite  his comedy pals to do sets, sit off to the side with a mic and then butt in whenever he felt like it. It sounds aggressive in theory, but Doug is so dang funny that the results are usually golden chunks of riff-tastic goodness that never would have existed otherwise.

The smart folks at Comedy Central said, “Hey, let’s put this on the TV!” and so tonight shall this come to pass. AND HERE’S THE NARCISSISTIC PART: I’m on it. YES, dear Nerdist looker-at-ers, the premiere episode will include myself, Nick Kroll and Nick Swardson (two hilarious humans I am proud to call ‘pals’).

Having done this show with Doug all these years, it was SUPER fun to do it at the Music Box in Los Angeles with a swanky set and a cluster of awesome nerds as the crowd. There’s not a ton of places a comic can do stand-up on TV anymore, so not only does this accomplish that but also freshens up the format at bit. Here’s a sample!

I hope it runs for 1000 episodes. Watch The Benson Interruption tonight at midnight ET on Comedy Central, and then the following several Fridays.

Also, the theme song was done by Hard ‘n Phirm, a group that is half me and half Mike Phirman. Hurrays all ’round!!!

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