Doctor Who Shirt Contest!

So, I get a call from one of the coolest humans the other night, Craig Ferguson:

“Mr. Haaaaardwick…it’s Mr. Ferrrrguson! Do you know who’s (hint) going to be on my show Tuesday?”

“YOU MEAN ELEVENTH DOCTOR MATT FREAKING SMITH??? (calmly) Yeah, I may have heard about that…”

“Would you like to—”


Fortunately what I agreed to was appearing on the show that night as well. And that’s where YOU come in. Have you designed or know of a good Doctor Who themed tshirt? Post images & links in the comments section below and the chosen shirt will find itself attached to my body on the Late Late Show on Tuesday, November 16th. I’ve seen so many great designs out there, but I wanted to see as many as possible to make sure that I have the Who-iest garment on the planet.

Because of the time crunch, this contest will end Saturday night at 11:59p ET. Sunday I will pick a winner and Monday the winning shirt will have to be FedEx-ed for a Tuesday morning delivery. If the selected shirt can’t meet that requirement for some reason, an alternate will be chosen.

Okey doke! Let’s WHO this!!! (I’m really sorry I just wrote that)

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