Win/Win/Fail, Episode IV: The Ladies

Kick back and crack open a frosty Shasta Cola, it’s time for Win/Win/Fail! This week, it’s all about the ladies, starting with:

WIN: Rube Goldberg Marriage Proposal

Ever wondered how engineers propose? Here you go. Actual proposal starts at 7:00, but the best view of the machine in action starts at 3:10.

[via Gizmodo]

WIN: The Michael-Bayifier

The ladies like Michael Bay movies, right? No? Well, they like Shia LaBeouf, right? Huh. Well, anyway, the Michael Bayifier from the Wonder-Tonic blog (by meme machine Michael Lacher) is downright hilarious. Upload a photo or use one of the stock images, add some explosions and LaBeouf heads, and voila! Your photo is Bayified. Here’s mine:

[via Wonder-Tonic]

FAIL: Creepy Ladies-Finder App

If ever there was a wake-up call for Foursquare users and the blatant security risks involved, it’s this app. (okay, I kind of like the name) is a web service that uses Foursquare to report how many women have checked in at a given location. Because if there’s anything the ladies love, it’s being cyber-stalked. In fact, when you reach your lady-heavy destination, try this one out: “Girl, I’ve got so many of your profile pics in my spank bank, if I deleted them there would be a lending crisis.”

[via TechCrunch]

Got a good Bayified image? Put it in the comments!

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