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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Hey Hey George Takei!

by on October 8, 2010

Not only was this a huge check mark on my nerd bucket list, but George is a WONDERFUL man who is both gracious and kind.

I love this picture, but the background does not accurately represent the epicness of the situation. Can YOU help?


1st PRIZE: An almost one-of-a-kind (I have one) Nerdist tshirt designed by Smartbunny, and based on Wire & Twine’s CBS “SPECIAL” shirt.

RULES: Give Mr. Takei & me a worthy background! This will be a Node-based contest, which is to say that you must join the Nerdist social network experiment/nerd cluster “The Node” (it’s free and we won’t stalk you for the rest of your existence).

Follow this link to join The Node!–>

Once you have done this, post your entries on this thread–> (Any entries posted only on Nerdist or Twitter will not be counted!)

All entries must be posted by Friday, Oct. 15th, 11:59p Pacific Time.

As I said, George is a terrific dude, so offensive entries will be gleefully deleted.