Nerdsourcing Challenge: Design Jim Gaffigan’s Next Poster!

Are you a spunky graphic designer who enjoys top notch comedy? We’re doing a little contest over on the Nerdist creation network, The Node (still in beta). First prize is two tix to ANY Jim Gaffigan concert PLUS a special meet & greet with the Pale Man himself!

The details are over on the Node, where the contest is currently taking place until Nov. 3rd. Not a member? Sign up here:

Once you’re in,  here’s the contest link. Art it up, Arty!

UPDATE: Just so people don’t think that we’re trying to take advantage of the Good Will of our artist community, Jim is throwing in a $500 cash prize on it for the winner. NOW GET IN THERE!!!

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  • Come on Chris, you, and Jim are smarter than this. I love both of you guys but you are exploiting people who are trying to make a living providing great design to people we love.

    I did a bunch of posters for a comedian a while back lets call him Mike B. He gave me, my girlfriend, and 2 of my other friends tickets to the show, took me out to dinner, paid for the whole groups bar tab, and on top of that paid me very well for the design and production of the posters.

    What you are asking is the equivalent of me asking for a group of comedians to come to my house and do individual shows for me and my friends then whichever one I like the best gets to stick around do another show and then shake my hand and drink for free at the party after the set. None of you would do it.

    You are bastardizing design and insulting designers by demanding hundreds of options for literally 100 dollars worth of prizes. You need to understand the value of decent design and what it does for you and be willing to pay for it. By you hosting contests like this you are in turn making the work that some of us make our livelihood off of worth less in the market.

    Thanks guys.

    Don’t enter this unless you are a design student. (and that’s still fucked up even if its just students.)

  • Except he’s not asking “you,” he’s asking anyone who might be interested. I’m sure someone will, even after hearing about how they’re being so terribly exploited.

    Perhaps it’s not worthwhile to you, but only to others. Some people enjoy doing this stuff, or would get a kick out of helping a celebrity. It’s not hard to imagine the work paying for itself on this front, particularly if someone’s trying to build a bit of a portfolio.

    People can make up their own minds as to what is and is not worth their time, methinks.

    Also, if simply posting this sort of offer and receiving suitable submissions actually works (and I think it will), then he’s not cheapening real design work, he’s revealing how cheap (or not) it actually is. And that’s not to say that it isn’t hard, or impressive, etc., but if you ask someone to sell you a banana for a penny, and someone says yes, you didn’t drive down the price of bananas — you just found out what it was.