Doctor Who vs. Graphic Noveldom

From our friends over at, the BBC have commissioned their first graphic novel.  Naturally, they’ve chosen their resident Gallifreyan adventurer to be the star.  The novel will be called “The Only Good Dalek” and will see the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond fighting the metallic Nazi pepperpots on Station 7, the super-ultra-mighty secret base where the Earthlings send Dalek POWs.  I sure hope the Daleks don’t find out and try to do a prison break.  Or watch Prison Break.  This is pretty exciting and might even prompt the Beeb to make this a regular thing, not unlike the Doctor Who Adventure Games, which have just been renewed for a second run next year.  Yay official merchandise!!  You can pre-order the graphic novel right now on for not very much money.

Thanks again, GeekChicDaily!

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