Darkest. Simpsons. Opening. EVER.

The Simpsons has always been self-deprecating and Fox-bashing, but DAYYYYYYYY-UM! Remember the ep where Kent Brockman says that Fox purposely airs programming that will get fined by the FCC so the money can be funneled into the Republican Party? This goes beyond that. I mean, calling out itself and Fox for Korean sweat-shopping? Shredding kittens to stuff Bart dolls? Forcing a unicorn to punch holes in DVDs?* I was thoroughly impressed that it got made and that they were able to slide it past Standards & Practices. According to BBC News, the sequence was created by UK graffiti artist Banksy, whose work I particularly enjoy.

So, for all of you folks who’ve been saying “Maaaan, the Simpsons USED to be subversive! I wish it was like that now.” Well, you got your wish. A LOT.

I, for one, applaud their big yellow balls.

*actually, the unicorn thing made me giggle. i know i’m supposed to be all sad and thought-provoked, but it was a genius gag! i’m a sick asshole, i s’pose…
UPDATE: Fox pulled the youtube clip for copyright infringement, and probably also, “this makes us look like tools” infringement. Here’s another one. Let’s see how long this one survives!

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