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A Very Late Fallout: New Vegas Review. Sorry.

by on October 27, 2010

What? This is the appropriate attire for a Wasteland Courier. Shut up.

Fallout: New Vegas came out this week and – what? What do you mean it came out last week? You guys must be fucking with me because I clearly remember going to Gamestop, buying the game and then I…um…okay I know this one. Huh. Oh! I was wearing pajamas and I went to the fridge for a diet coke and then I was letting a frontier doctor tend to my head wound and after that I was killing some chem fiends on my way to the McCarran NCR base in order to TAKE A DIRTY MONORAIL TO NEW VEGAS AND OMG WHAT DAY IS IT?

Now that we’ve established I am a week late and a few caps short of a stimpak let’s move on to the reviewing!

By now, you’ve probably read the many posts about bugs and thrown your PS3 across the room in a glitch induced rage but I am here to say that despite getting stuck in countless doors/rocks/deathclaws and having my Pip Boy totally crap out on me during a goddamn shoot out, I still love this game.

The New Vegas storyline hearkens back to Fallout 1 and 2 which isn’t surprising given that Oblivion is holding the reins again and here is where I fess up to having never played the first two. I had to do a bit of Wiki-ing (which always leads to me reading waaaay too much about Eleanor of Aquitaine – call it Wikigressing) to understand what was going on and I still don’t really get the part about Hoover Dam. Anyway. I’ll have to leave the majority of comparisons between the first two Fallouts and this one to those who’ve played all the games but I will say I was impressed with how seamlessly Oblivion’s New Vegas integrated the Fallout 3 experience – especially The V.A.T.S. system, morally polarizing quests, and somewhat unreliable yet still tantalizing map markers.

I know the graphics are very 2001 and the endless running though the wasteland should bore the shit out of me but it doesn’t and here’s why: The base level of difficulty in New Vegas is hard. Like dying every five minutes hard. This is a twenty hour campaign which could easily turn into a nine hundred hour campaign based on the hordes of irradiated critters ALONE. I wish I could explain why this is good rather than annoying and maybe it’s a mixture of nostalgia, the Mister Vegas radio program, and Snuffy the Mole Rat but instead of falling asleep in my sarsparilla I find it soothing.

I also find shooting a chem fiend in the face with a sawed off shotgun soothing so take that with a grain of salt. Tell me your New Vegas thoughts in the comments!