‘The Room': THE GAME!

There is a long, storied history of video game adaptations of movies, from Atari’s kinda-crappy E.T. game right on up to the recent Scott Pilgrim punch-em-up from Ubisoft. No matter how many of them you have played, though… nothing can prepare you for Newgrounds’ Flash version of everyone’s favorite cult saga of ridiculous…. THE ROOM!

I just… yeah. There are no words. Quite possibly, the greatest time waster of all time. With extra emphasis on “waster”, as you have to click through just as much gleefully inane dialogue as there is in the film before you actually do anything. Suppose that’s kind of the point though, isn’t it? “You’re tearing apart my high score, Lisa!”


NSFW (or the faint of heart) Warning: Contains a naked 8-bit Tommy Wiseau. You have been warned.

(Via Forces Of Geek)

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  • I had heard tales. Tales of in-game tasks like “buy a dress for Lisa” and tales of Denny’s room being a closet with a bucket of gruel on the floor. I could scarcely believe that more than me and the guy that showed me The Room knew about – much less loved – The Room. But there are so many more of us. And it’s TEARING ME APAAAWWWRT.

  • You just better hope that the bucket on the floor of Denny’s room is filled with gruel. One of the game’s many hidden treasures is the ability to enter Denny’s room unannounced, only to interrupt him wanking to voyeuristic photos of Lisa on his wall.

    At this point the game rewards you by telling you that this event is one of six things which can not be unseen.

  • I finished it with (spoiler) 2 spoons. I haven’t seen the movie, and I still don’t want to… but now I really wonder what the hell the movie is about. I looked at the achievements at the bottom, looks like I also finished it without “finding the room”. Any hints, if I ever give it a second playthrough?

  • When you rage as Tommy at the end, punch the crack next to Denny’s room. Also while raging, go to the bank and fight your boss, then go to the park, and run down and eat Chris C. Finding all the spoons activates the machine at the end too.