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The 2010 Fall TV Dead Pool: Vote Now, Nerds!

by on September 13, 2010


Hellcats: Frontin' hard before our $#*! gets cancelled...

So check it out, lovely TV nerdlets:  I actually had a really thoughtful blog about Rubicon that I was planning to write (and still am!), but it occured to me that Vampire Diaries just kicked off the fall season – official, like! – on Thursday. Which meant that if I still wanted to do this post, now is the time to do it before one of the networks beats me to the punch. (Sometimes they are like Wild Bill Hickok with those trigger-fingers. And yes, of course I mean the Keith Carradine version of Wild Bill from Deadwood. Who else would I mean?!)

Now, bear in mind, I really don’t take any sort of true pleasure in hypothesizing which new series of the fall season will be the first to be cancelled – a lot of work on the part of many people goes into a television series and in our current economy especially, it sucks balls for anyone to rapidly be out of a job. But like celebrity deaths, there is a bit of a time-honored tradition in attempting to play the guessing game simply for curiosity’s sake.  How quickly, and for what apparent reasons, will the first casualty of Fall 2010 on the tube occur?

I’m placing a poll widget below, so all of you can submit your answers accordingly. Based on discussions I’ve had with friends and colleagues and stuff I’ve read online, I’m placing five “default” candidates in the mix, but you are more than free to submit your own answer using the “Other” option. (Just be sure to let us know your vote in the comments!)  Here are our unlucky five “for your consideration” options:

- Outsourced: Probably the series most often cited by folks I’ve spoken to. Maybe because NBC’s comedy slate, so sparse just a couple of seasons ago, is now suddenly becoming crowded again, or because of the blatant gaffes on the site’s official page. Ouch…really?

- Hellcats: Simple mathematics – nearly every early review has been appalling. Presence of High School Musical darling Ashley Tisdale (not to mention a BSG cast member – dude!) aside, it doesn’t look good for the CW’s Bring It On-lite.

- The Event: Yes, I know, I had it on  my Fall 2010 TV preview and yes, I’m still hoping to be surprised by it. But because of its epic aspirations, its no doubt significant cost, and the de-facto “It’s the new LOST!” reputation, it’s a popular candidate at this stage in the game.

- Shit My Dad Says: No, I’m not going to use the punctuation-bleep spelling. Why should I, when at this point everyone seems to be more or less cheering for this show to go down? Honestly, what I’ve seen wasn’t as bad as I was expecting – maybe it’s just my Shatner gene, the man makes me laugh for reasons I cannae explain, Captain – yet, admittedly, it does appear to be a case of concept defeating execution.

- Running Wilde: Oh, it hurts. It hurts to put this here, for the same reasons it hurt to keep it off my Fall TV preview. Reunion of Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz with the mighty Will Arnett, co-starring the lovely and profusely talented Keri Russell, not to mention Peter “I am easily one of the funniest people alive, BELIEVE!” Serafinowicz, among others… why?!? Well, the tales of complete pilot re-vamps and the like haven’t been encouraging. Plenty of people who really, really want to love Running Wilde… so far, haven’t. I’m still going to be tuning in for sure because good lord, I hope this show can pull it together. For now, though… I know, it’s tough. Courage. Commence nerd prayer circle!

Alright, as Marty DiBergi would say… hey, enough of my yakkin’!  Time to VOTE: