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New Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Trailer Doesn’t Change the Fact That It Won’t Be Released For Two Years

by on September 22, 2010

What do you mean you can

Holy Pinkerton agent on a zipline! Did you guys get a chance to see the new hands off gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite? IT IS INCREDIBLE. Seriously, the new Bioshock air city is just gorgeous, but we knew that already didn’t we? I honestly didn’t think anything could make me want to play this game more than the original trailer but seeing a man’s hand turn into a winch that hooks onto a steampunky air rail thing which sends him careening around a cloud city makes me all itchy in my plasmid hand. Unfortunately, I will need to pop some Benadryl to hold back the swarm of bees that is my excitement because the game still isn’t coming out until 2012. MATH TELLS ME THAT IS TWO YEARS FROM NOW. Arrgh.

Watch the video after the jump!

You know what I think? I think Irrational Games is playing a pretty dangerous waiting game. The possibility of a real life anti-communism propaganda machine/jingoist World’s Fair airship city/weapon of mass destruction in the sky is not totally improbable. I mean, a lot can happen in two years. For instance, two years ago I didn’t own a car and NOW I DO. Two years ago, I still had a youthful vigor and a pleasantly cheerful demeanor and NOW I DON’T. Two years ago, I didn’t have this strange mole on my shoulder and NOW I DO.

Anyway. I wonder if when Bioshock Infinite is finally released in 2012 and downloaded to my retinas (iBalls™), will I be the only citizen of Airship Googlelandia to glance up from (or over or inside or whatever) their Steve Jobs’ Daily Newspod and pay attention? Probably. Because with the advent of the 2012 Invisible Prius Personal Helicopter™, NO ONE WILL CARE ANYMORE ABOUT THIS SILLY LITTLE GAME.