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Watches, Bond Watches

by on August 23, 2010

Daniel Craig as Bond wearing the Omega Seamaster Professional

(Sorry for the extended hiatus, but I’m now back as your watch nerdist to bring you much goodness from the world of wristwatches.)

One of the activities we Watch Nerdists will often partake in is attempting to identify what watch is on the wrist of an actor in a movie or TV show (in fact I’ve dedicated a blog to this very topic). Among those favored by watch spotters are those found throughout the movies featuring James Bond.

The initial films featured watches in their expected capacity, as a watch. You have to get through a few films before you get into the gadget watches with the magnetic Rolex Submariner from 1973′s Live and Let Die. As of this film Bond’s watches become an integral part of his success. Let’s face it, Bond loves his gadgets, and no one knows more about Mr. Bond’s watches than Dell Deaton of

Roger Moore's Bond demonstrates his magnetic Rolex Submariner.

Not only has Mr. Deaton compiled a list of watches from all James Bond movies, he also was able to identify specifically which model Bond wore in Ian Fleming’s Bond novels (it was a Rolex Explorer, BTW).

Even cooler is the exhibit that is currently running at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, entitled Bond Watches, James Bond Watches. In the exhibit, which runs from June (now, basically) until the end of April, 2011, Deaton has collected several examples of the watches worn by Bond throughout his movie career and has them on display with other pertinent memorabilia from the films. The whole process is a labor of love for someone who is clearly a huge Bond and wristwatch fan. Scope the video below for a short behind the scenes look at setting up the exhibit, and you can follow Bond Watches on Twitter for news and updates; and if you’re in the vicinity of Columbus, PA, be sure to stop in and check out the exhibit.