The INCEPTION 2 Trailer is Here!

Looks like we are getting an Inception sequel quicker than expected. It looks kind of, I don’t know, boring. What do you guys think?

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  • Who is in charge of quality control at Nerdist?

    I promise I don’t mean to be a dick, but it seems like more and more I have to sift through self-promotional stuff like this to get to anything worth reading/watching.

  • Sorry but I have to agree with Lance.I don’t feel as strongly as he does about going through more and more self-promotional stuff but some are not that great. Then again not everything will appeal to everybody, so i guess i should just keep my mouth shut.

  • It shows the internal struggle that all vegetarians face: the knowledge that you ARE an omnivore, which means you’re both herbivore AND carnivore. The knowledge that eating only vegetation is not natural for us, and goes against the basics of what we are. Scary stuff! Include a guy in there who has vowed not to ever look at women’s boobs again, with the expected inner conflict, and I think you’ll have one heck of a movie.

  • I must apologize. I don’t usually stoop as low as to bitch about free content pseudo-anonymously online. My day must have gotten the best of me. Carry on, Nerdist, and carry on, Matthew.

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    Also, I am not a vegetarian. Sorry to disappoint.

  • Gosh Lance you are so right! Im so tired of it self promotion via internet and ,isleading ads on T.V. and billboards are just too much . No matter if its funny or not

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