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New Contributors!

by on August 12, 2010

The den is expanding beautifully. I feel like a plump termite queen.

Rachael Oehring – FOOD: You may have already seen her lickable screen shots of Princess Leia Cinnamon Rolls the other day. She runs a delicious blog at Gagging Towards Bethlehem.

Danny Damore – WEB: Danny finds neato stuff online with nerdy undertones. And nerdy overtones.

Kyle Anderson – WEB with an emphasis on Doctor Who: Why, he just reviewed the 11 Doctor action figure set this very day!!!

Becca Gleason – MUSIC: I KNOW! Finally! Becca co-runs The-Sound-Advice with her pal Matt Grosinger.

Also, you will see Nerdist Podcast citizens Jonah Ray and Matt Mira poking around on here from time to time. I keep bugging Mira to write about his passion, NASA, so that will happen soon just to shut me up.

Welcome all! You are handsome patches on this digital quilting bee!