Mass Effect Cosplay Makes Lady Blogger Sadfaced

Miranda from Mass Effect 2. Yep. Soak it all in.

This post from Kotaku about Polish model Jessika F doing the above cosplay photo shoot made my brain sad and here’s why:

Deep Breath.


I am not a prude nor am I a knee jerk something something. I like looking at beautiful people dressed in the awesome finery of my favorite video game/comic book/movie characters. But I also like looking at regular folks dressed up. Like these fine people:

Starbuck! The first one! I like them both!

Jayne Riker Jedi! The best hybrid ever designed.

Lady or Dude Naughty Bear? DOES IT MATTER?

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Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel) the cosplay pics that get the most attention are always of the boobs n’ buns variety. Blerg. Where is the slide show of Venture Bros and Dr. Girlfriends? How about a pictorial of Kim Pines and Ramona Flowers(es)? Why is it always always always the Sexy Girls of Comic Con™ who steal the spotlight? I mean, I’m not stupid. I know why. I live in America – the land of boobs and butts and guns and poop jokes - of the freeeee.

Listen, I like sexy things. I don’t believe boobs or butts are shameful or “slutty” (a truly useless word at this point in our society in my opinion) or that a woman who chooses to express her sexuality through cosplay (or vice versa) is a lesser human being. I just feel a bit…marginalized, I guess. And maybe betrayed by my fellow nerds. I guess I had this dumb fantasy we were all in a super secret club where we had gotten past boobs and butts and poop jokes (of the freee) and maybe drank some gin drinks while we talked about how Heinlein is the “funny” kind of misogyny. And then we would all make out. Because being smart and interesting is sexy. Being good looking is sexy too but it’s nothing without some good old fashioned shared geeky bits. At least, that’s how it is in my Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club.*

So how do you all feel about the booby direction cosplay seems to be taking? Do you think there’s a chance a chubby Black Widow could outpace a harem of Slave Leias in terms of page views anytime soon? I AM ASKING FOR A FRIEND HERE. ANYWAY. Tell me your feelings please in the comments.

*now accepting robots!

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  • I think this is a bit of the “mainstreaming” of geek culture. That whole geek chic thing has had an impact on our world. Some of said mainstreaming has brought with it a more narrow definition of what is “good looking”. I do believe for a long time in geek culture there was a certain forward thinking appreciation for the fact that “good looking” did not necessarily mean”‘skinny movie star material”, and we’ve lost that a bit as Hollywood has dug it’s mitts further into our world.

    So, with the popularity of some geeky things leaking out into the world, some of the more normative ideas of what is “good looking” are leaking IN to our culture and causing this elevated level of interest in how people look.

    Personally, I still think the hottest girl in the room is the one who can hold an intelligent conversation with me on topics she’s passionate about. But, I’m also the guy who always asked the girl standing in the corner to dance, so maybe I’m unusual? No idea. I hope not.

    (P.S. I want to be in the Super Secret Awesome Gin and Heinlein Club! How do I apply?!)

  • I’m not really a cosplay kinda girl myself…except for that one time at band camp er-Ren Fair…but I do find it far more interesting to see what Average Joe or Josephine Nerd pull off for a con rather than the parade of hot skinny scantily clad Slave Leias and Morrigans. It takes the fun out of it.