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  • @R. Hunter, Yeah, it’s actual images of the actors. I tried to make them big enough to see but then i wouldn’t have been able to do the screen shot. But doesn’t it make you just FEEL better knowing that I even went that far…and they are there.

  • It’s incorrect that they’re in Eames’ dream before Limbo. At the hotel they used Browning from Fischer’s subconscious (not Eames pretending to be Browning) because the deception/inception would be even more powerful.

  • Didn’t Mal shoot Fisher in the Snow Fortress? If so, she would have been in both the Snow Fortress and Limbo levels. (Note that I’m not suggesting that “Snow Fortress” is a euphemism for some part of Fisher’s anatomy.)

  • I am sorry, but I must say I wholly disagree with this perception of “Inception.” I applaud your efforts(and I do realize this was just an amusing thing to do for you), but did you really have to spread this false description of the events of the film?

    Nay, I say. The truth has been revealed. In fact, I wrote an article of pretty good length about it back when the film came out. Check out my post and be enlightened:

  • FAIL. they were ALL in fisher’s dreams. just because a character stayed doesn’t mean it was their dream. it means they were in charge of that level’s kick. DOUBLE FAIL for Chris Hardwick thinking this is genius.

  • “…for computer users” probably would have been fine. Almost all modern desktop operating systems use similar folder-based, graphical file navigation interfaces.

    Booyah! You just got geeked!

  • @Andrew: No, they told FISHER they were using Browning, but as soon as they knocked him out, they used Eames, as I’m fairly certain that using a projection wouldn’t work, and in fact, would more likely cause them to be noticed and attacked. They even mention it as they’re hooking everyone up the machine on the Hotel level

  • It’s official.

    Everything in the world is either an absolute epic triumphant win or an absolute horrendous embarrassing soul-crushing fail. There are no in-betweens anymore: all of life is now a binary condition.

    Thank you, internet users, for making even terribly trivial things into the most epic all-encompassing battles of WIN versus FAIL the world has ever seen. I hope you’re happy.

  • Since none of the previous comments belong to Christopher Nolan, I think this is one of the best visual applications that could be used to describe Inception. I applaud you! This is awesome.

    Also, cheers to the external HD advice, I too have been burned.

  • If it was Yusuf’s dream why would his own subconscious attack him? Because it was Robert’s dream.
    If it was Arthur’s dream why would his own subconscious attack him? Because it was Robert’s dream.
    If it was Eame’s dream why would his own subconscious attack him? BECAUSE IT WAS ROBERT’S DREAM.

    All three levels above limbo were Robert’s dreams. They even said in the hotel before going to the snow fortress “we’re going to make him break into his own subconscious” as they jacked into the perception of Browning which is basically the same as jacking into Robert again. Ariadne was the architect for all three levels, she made the worlds, Robert’s subconscious filled them. The three guys were just left behind on each level to do the kick and that’s it.

    The only thing that didn’t make sense was why Saito was older then Cobb since Cobb had entered Limo much earlier then Saito. The only thing I suggest to make sense of that is Limbo is a separate areas for each person in the dream. The washing up on the shore signifies entering that persons subconscious/Limbo. I don’t know who’s Limbo the first one was (probably Cobb’s) but the second one had to be Saito’s. This sort of explains why in Cobb’s Limbo Mel (part of Cobb’s subconscious) is threat and why in Saito’s Limbo there are guards/henchmen working for him.

    Airplane (Real Life)
    -Robert’s Dream L1 (Rainy City)
    –Robert’s Dream L2 (Hotel)
    —Robert’s Dream L3 (Snow Fortress)
    —-Cobb’s Limbo
    —-Saito’s Limbo

  • Also in the hotel at the bar when Cobb makes Robert aware he is dreaming that’s when all the people/perceptions start looking at Cobb and the weather and gravity starts to shift. All this happens because it’s ROBERTS DREAM!!!%#%^!

  • Actually now that I think about it. It was all Ariadne’s dream because she was the architect and Robert was the subject (his subconscious filled the world). This is explained early on when Cobb and Ariande share a dream. ”
    Ariadne: “Who are the people”
    Cobb: “Projections of my subconscious”
    Ariadne: “Yours?”
    Cobb: “Yes, remember you are the dreamer you build this world, I am the subject my mind populates it.”

    That’s why they needed Ariadne, they lost their old architect/dreamer.

  • @tedrock I was under the impression that they had Fisher believe they were tapping into Browning but once everyone was out they went into Fisher’s next level of his subconscious, making him unknowingly tap into his own mind.

  • orz

    Old conversation is old, but everyone has interesting points.

    Everything /is/ Fischer’s dream, but the other guys can also affect it. Remember how Yussuf not peeing affected the weather? ‘ u ‘