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Eleven Doctors: Toy Review

by on August 11, 2010

art by the incomparable Paul Hanley

So, I broke down and ordered the Eleven Doctors action figure set, as I knew I probably would, and I’m here with my consensus.  I don’t collect toys in general, so I don’t have much of a basis other than gut reaction.

I hadn’t decided whether I was going to remove them from the package or not until I got them.  I’m not too pleased with the TARDIS packaging; it’s fine but the toys don’t look good in it.  I think I was hoping for too much, after all it’s not a display case, it’s a box.  So I took them out, which took about a half an hour with all the plastic twisty ties they used.  After inspecting them, I decided to judge each figure on four criteria: Likeness, Detail, Toy Quality, and Overall Coolness.

LIKENESS: The thing you (I) want in figures based on real people is resemblance and these toys by and large do a good job.  Most of them are above average facsimiles of the actors, with the best being Jon Pertwee, William Hartnell, and Christopher Eccleston and the worst being Peter Davison, Paul McGann, and Colin Baker.  C. Baker in particular has almost no definition in the face. I know he’s the pudgier one, but he has a chin.  They did get the hair pretty dead on. RATING: 4/5

DETAIL: The detail of the costumes on these toys is astonishing.  They know mainly super critical nerds such as myself would buy these and if they didn’t get the look of the figures right, they’d have a bespectacled horde on their ass.  The coloring is absolutely wonderful and the costume choices for Pertwee and Tom Baker were great.  They must have rushed a ton of these out in a short time, so I can forgive a little paint running.  I’m not a monster.  Accessories are also excellent.  Six figures have a specially designed sonic screwdriver from their era, the First Doctor has his cane, the Second Doctor has his recorder, the Seventh Doctor has his umbrella, and the Sixth Doctor has, well, nothing.  They can’t make an ego toy, I guess.  One thing I’d say against it is the Sylvester McCoy figure doesn’t have his trademark hat so we can only assume the figure was based on the four minutes of screen time in “Ghost Light” where he’s not wearing it.  That’s a minor nitpick, though.  RATING 5/5

TOY QUALITY: Here’s where I have a point of contention a little bit.  Action figures need to have some weight to them and not feel chintzy. I spent $100 on these, I don’t want them to feel like dollar store fodder.  The earlier Doctors are all well and good, the middle ones are okay, but it seemed that the three new series Doctors are just repackaged versions of the mass-produced original line.  They’re lighter and not as sturdy.  On the upside, each figure has 15 points of articulation so you can put them in any action pose you’d like.  RATING 3.5/5

OVERALL COOLNESS: They’re just so damn handsome as a set.  Right now I have them on my living room’s mantle and it really is awesome.  Comic books aside, this is the only way we’re going to see every incarnation of the Doctor in one place and if you are into memorabilia, there really are none better.  RATING 6/5.  That’s right, 6.

Now, is it worth the price?  I feel like they could have been about $25 less expensive.  For $100+, I expected more perfection than what I got, but since I already bought them, I’m happy.  It might be possible to find them cheaper on ebay or through some dealer, but I’ll bet the price will only go up from here.  If you Whovians out there are into such things, I say go for it.

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By the way, the top illustration is by Paul Hanley and it friggin rocks.

You’re welcome