Battlestar: An Epic of Sci-Fi LULZ?

Oh, China. Don’t ever change. The cracky prism through which you interpret Western pop culture is a beautiful thing (“DO NOT WANT!”), but I have to say… you may have topped yourself this time with your Battlestar Galactica complete series DVD cover art:

Battlestar Galactica Seasond 1-4 Chinese DVD cover

(click to enlarge)

Now, I’m a well-documented BSG junkie. And maybe I’m getting less perceptive in my old age, but the “tween comedy” angle of the show was completely lost on me. (Maybe the Kara/Lee/Sam/Dee quadrangle of romantic angst was supposed to be an homage to some Degrassi plotline I was unaware of. I guess that’s… funny?) And twists aplenty in BSG, for sure, but a “SAW-like twist” at the end? I know Roslin’s cancer was pretty straightforward, but was Adama supposed to have cancer too and we just didn’t know it? Did that hit the cutting room floor but ended up in the overseas cut? What the hell is going on here?!

All jokes aside, I really want to see this awesome, epic sci-fi mash-up vision now. The one depicted right there on the cover, with the USS Enterprise and the Stargate making guest appearances. WOW.

Aaron Douglas must be super-stoked at any rate, he gets second billing. They LOVE the Chief in China!

(Thanks, Ericka, for the heads-up!)

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