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Awesome Automatons, Part 4: Best. Robots. Ever.

by on August 25, 2010

The existential struggle of this robot is both fascinating and truly, truly sad.

A robot whose sole purpose is to unplug itself so it won’t be a burden to us anymore. I’ve put some sad robots up here, but this guy might take the cake.

But that’s okay, because here I have the single greatest invention ever. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the BEST ROBOT EVER:

Thank the lord! I was getting so damn tired of playing with my own Slinky. I mean, the fatigue. The unbelievable strain on my arms. My god, it’s as if the thing was made out of some kind of metal. Well, it is, but you know. A heavy metal. But I need not worry any longer! Nay, for an unnamed genius has given me a reason to go on! Now I will be able to enjoy my Slinky and its mesmerizing cascades of coiled metal, without any of the work. Yes, I could sit and enjoy a pastrami sandwich and a nice glass of lemonade, watch my Slinky perform, and lift nary a finger. The future, my friends, is here.