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Sherlock Holmes 2010? YES PLZ!

by on July 21, 2010

It hasn’t been all that long since Guy Ritchie gave us RDJ and Jude Law’s amusing old-married-couple shtick in his own take on Sherlock Holmes. Expected to be unimpressed, but it really wasn’t bad. Still, after watching this clip of the all-new, modern-day-set BBC miniseries Sherlock… uh-oh. Methinks Guy is about to be PWNED by the Big British Castle:

Where do I start with the squee?! That’s Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes, who if you watch a lot of UK films you probably already know is one of the best unsung actors the country’s produced in the last few years. He’s fantastic. Obviously that’s the great Martin Freeman as Watson, which is inspired casting in about 20 different ways. We’ve got Rupert Graves, who though he’s gone completely gray still manages to look 25, as Inspector Lestrade. Yes, it’s a period-piece gone modern, which is often a tricky proposition … but this one is brought to you courtesy of Doctor Who‘s current chieftain Steven Moffat and one of DW‘s stalwart scribes (and ex-League of Gentlemen member) Mark Gatiss. Surely it’s elementary that this could not possibly suck in the slightest.

The UK gets the first of three 90-minute installments of Sherlock this weekend; supposedly, Masterpiece Theatre will pick it up in the States eventually, though no date has been announced yet. Make it snappy, PBS, or we’ll reconsider the next pledge drive donation. (That I’m totally planning to send when I’m not broke anymore. I know, the IOU stack is getting thick…)

UPDATE (8/4): PBS announced today that Sherlock will air Stateside on Oct. 24, Oct. 31 and Nov. 7. (check listings), not in 2011 as originally rumored. Deets here! I will now delude myself for another few minutes that my pledge donation blackmail had something to do with this development.