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Mas Contributores

by on July 2, 2010

Just like Gremlins 2: The New Batch, a have dropped this blog in water and the resulting pustules have erupted with fresh talent (sadly, though, no Tony Randall)

I met this delightful young woman and her husband when I performed in Portland last year. You may have already seen her post about Red Dead Redemption, which stirred up the discussion pot nicely.

You have probably already seen Matthew’s hands. He owns the two that have the kick-ass Vader/Kenobi tatts that I wrote about a couple of months ago. He is an artist with an eye for art, so this only makes sense, really.

I first met Nicole in my hosting infancy when she was a contestant on my first game show for MTV, Trashed. She also writes for LA Weekly and if you read her recent post about the Fringe-verse, you know she is brimming with nerd cred.

James emailed me a little while back and pitched a column about watches. Personally, I don’t wear them because the weight of them on my wrist agitates me, but I sure do like lookin’ at em! I thought this was a super cool idea so now we have a Watch Nerdist. Think of him as your Timelord. (Scratch that. Think of ME as your Timelord. Because I want to be one. Well , one in particular, anyway.)

Welcome! Welcome! A thousand times WELCOME!!! You are shiny new threads in the rich fabric of the Nerdist tapestry!

*NOTE: I am aware that “contributores* is a Spanglified English word that does not exist*