Tree Wieners [NSFW?]

I know, I know! I’m 15.

This picture was taken at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. Yes, that is my hand. Normally I would agree that the “that thing looks like a dong!” comedy is low brow even for me, BUT THIS TREE REALLY LOOKS LIKE A DONG. Either this tree mounts other trees to reproduce or is pollinated by really slutty bees. The only thing this imagery was missing was sap dribbling out of the end. If  someone kicked or punched it we could put it on Web Soup (or launch Tree Soup for the best viral tree nut shots around).

On that tip, please watch an all-new Web Soup tonight on G4 at 5p/8p PT/ET immediately following Attack of the Show! It’s our second to last new ep of the season so let’s keep this Dream Factory alive!


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