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The Week in Sharks Will Not Be Seen Tonight

by on June 4, 2010

Your Shark Nerdist is absolutely swamped organizing a Brooklyn zine fair for the weekend; New Yorkers are encouraged to attend. As are non-New Yorkers, I guess, but seriously, first look to your children or something.

To tide you over, we present sharks “doing it,” and also penguin soccer. See you on Monday.

Three magical words: Nurse. Shark. Porno. Nurse sharks like it rough. Maybe NSFW? I mean, there’s—spoiler alert!—a big wad of shark jizz floating in the water at one point, so that’s…fun?

After your done with the sex, get ready for SPORTS! Here are anthropomorphic penguins freaking out and attacking a ball like they want to kill the heck out of it. Seriously. That’s not good healthy penguin fun. GOOOOOOOOOOAL!