Podcast News For the Week of 6/7!

Greetings, Podcastlings!

This week there will be a slightly different delivery schedule for the Nerdist Podcast, the podcast that Vanity Fair Magazine calls, “A show we haven’t heard of.”

Today, Sunday, THIS VERY DAY, I will be posting episode 20 featuring the effervescent and hilarious Alison Brie, star of two tiny shows called Mad Men and Community.

I am doing this because tomorrow, Monday, I will be posting a bonus episode following the iPhone 4 announcement at WWDC in San Francisco. Joining me will be a roundtable of tech experts to discuss all the ins and outs and ups and downs of whatever new business JobsCo has cooked up and what that all means for the regular slobs like you and me. I realized, however, that not everyone really cares about this announcement, so I’m offering it as an extra for Apple nerds.

So that’s the scoop with this week’s podcastings, a medium that made Vanity Fair Magazine say, “What? ‘Plodcarsting?’ That’s a thing now?”

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