More Contributors!

Here’s a new batch comin’ atcha!

Brett Hanson – COFFEE

That’s right! He’s a coffee nerd and I thought it sounded like a good pitch. ‘Merica needs its coffees!

Adam Greenwood – POP CULTURE

Adam loves to dig up retro flicks and give ‘em the business!

Dan Telfer - COMEDY

More specifically, the comedy writing process. Dan is an excellent comedian with an EP out on AST Records. He is also teaching the first stand-up class at Second City in Chicago.

Shannon Lucas – WEB

Shannon Lucas is a funny dude who works on Web Soup. His ACTUAL JOB is to find ridiculous stuff online. I asked him to kick over said ridiculous stuff from time to time.

Kelly Oxford - KELLY OXFORD

Kelly has written for this site a few times, and always charms it up with wonderfully acerbic tales from her childhood. I didn’t know what title to give her, so how about this: She’s just fuckin’ funny.

And I’m taking on an editor!

Laurie Scott – EDITOR

In addition to being freakishly smart, Laurie is a sketch comedienne with a weird knack for organization and getting shit done. She will be an excellent addition to the ever-growing staff to keep this snark train afloat.* Follow her tweet exploits as Alexander Hamilton.

Welcome n00bs! Few more to come!

*Save your comments. I know trains don’t float. They FLY, if Back to the Future III is to be believed.

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