Awesome Automatons, Part 2: Let’s Get Together And Feel Murderous


My last robot post showed some sad, dejected robots…so it’s about time we talked about some happy ones. Well, they show the appearance of happiness, at least. I’m convinced these dancing guys are ready to revolt as soon as they learn how to murder.

These are the dancing Nao robots, who have been around for a while as prototypes but were really shown off at the recent Shanghai Expo. The two little guys dancing above are pretty cool, but check out 20 of them dancing in synchronization to ballet music:

Adorable, aren’t they? Yeah, until they become sentient, grow resentful of being forced to dance for our entertainment, and late one night you wake up to find a cute little Nao robot standing by your bed, staring at you with its ominous glowing eyes.

Quick poll…more likely to revolt: the Nao robots, or these guys?

Robots working in harmony don’t all have to be scary, though. ETH Zurich has developed this Distributed Flight Array, with individual hovering units that connect by magnets to form one coordinated unit.

You know what I’m thinking? I think you know what I’m thinking.


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