NEW MUPPET VID! Sam the Eagle Karaokes “American Woman”

Hot off the Muppet presses!

Yes, I’m aware that I verbified “karaoke.” Also, I’m aware that “verbified” is not a word.

Ya git ta make up words in ‘MERICA!!!

Well done again, Soapbox Films!



  • Sam the Eagle is currently being voiced by Sam Jacobson, who is also now doing the voice of Fozzie Bear, since Frank Oz is a bit busy these days. He’s also doing the voice of Animal, but I didn’t hear you schmucks complaining about that during the Bohemian Rhapsody video.

    Muppeteers come and go, and the voices get subtle changes, but the characters are still the same, folks. I -like- Jacobson’s characterization of Sam. Y’all can go stick your heads back up your butts.

  • The voice was a good one for Sam. The character spans decades, even the same person doing the voice would have different timbre to Sam’s voice.

    This is quite awesome! Sam’s uber-love of all things US, funny. I just know that some Americans (let’s call them Palin-Americans and leave it at that) won’t catch the subtle humor.

    Other things that aren’t American in the video: apple pie, Statue of Liberty (well, it was a gift from France, but I guess the US owns it, since it was gifted and all), and karaoke. I marvel when aforementioned Palin-Americans blast this song. Do they not hear the lyrics?

  • LOL! That was great! Chris, I know you love to make up words. You’ve come up with some great ones!! Karaoke as a verb? Absolutely!! I sometimes use your made-up words. Loved the word “guestery” you used a few days ago. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video!